Do I have to enter a “% to System” value on all envelope components?


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    Ryan Moore

    The “COPY” button at the end of each row in the top table is designed to facilitate this process. Any modeling program needs to know what envelope components are associated with which air systems in order to model energy consumption accurately. Suppose there is a classroom building, 30% of which is cooled by RTUs and the rest is served by AHUs with CHW cooling. So 30% of the roof is associated with RTU system and 70% is associated with AHUs.

    The “% to System” plus the “COPY” button is designed to facilitate this assignment:
    1. You put in the dimensions of the roof in the roof tab;
    2. Pick the RTU system in the “System” dropdown list;
    3. Put in 30% in the “% to System” control;
    4. With cursor in the row that’s created above, hit the “COPY” button to the far right in the top tab, a new row would appear below the existing row (RTU system)
    5. Click the newly added row, change the system to AHU and change 30% to 70% for the “% to System” control. And the assignment is completed.

    Of course, a second way to model this is:

    1. Specify 30% of the roof (for example full length, and 30% width) as one piece of roof, and assign it the RTU system;
    2. Specify 70% of the roof as the 2nd piece of roof, and assign it to the AHU system.
    3. Similarly, you can use the “COPY” button to speed up the specification of the 2nd piece of roof.

    Either way works.

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