Category Feature
Covered Buildings Large, medium and small commercial and residential buildings
Covered Level of Audits
ASHRAE Level 1
ASHRAE Level 2
ASHRAE Level 3
Utility Analysis
Automatic utility data import
Handles multiple meters with inconsistent reading periods
Energy Benchmarking Energy Star Portfolio Manager scores and results reporting
Measure Identification Pre-defined measure lists for different system types
Site Visit Building, occupancy, loads, equipment and scheduling information collection
Baseline Calibration Calibration of modelled energy and power consumption against utility bill on a whole and partial building level
Baseline Analysis
Detailed analysis modules for various building components, air/water side systems and equipment
Interlinked computational modules for various building and system components allows inclusion and quantification of interactive effects between components and measures, that are required by ASHRAE Level 2 and 3 audits
Detailed baseline energy and power breakdown to end users including fans, pumps and etc.
Flexibility in performing partial building audit vs. whole building audit
Comprehensive and customizable envelope component, lighting fixture and measure library
Measure Analysis
Evaluate a full spectrum of EE opportunities, including envelope, retro-commissioning, low/no cost retrofit, capital intensive/investment grade retrofit, renewable, and demand response measures.
Group measures into unadded measure package vs. recommendation package
Estimates measure savings against the previous measure
Recalculates savings of unadded measures in response to addition or removal of recommended measure
Cascaded EE measure analysis approach facilitates optimal recommendation package based on client’s criteria
Built-in and customizable cost database and comprehensive costs estimation on different measures allows accurate economic analysis.
Customizable incentive/rebate rate definition and incentive calculation in the economic analysis
Reporting Fast, detailed and customizable reporting

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