OptiMiser is a collaborative effort of many people, all passionate about moving our built environment to sustainability today!

The technology supporting energy efficiency companies and programs has really blossomed over the past few years, with multiple approaches to analysis, workflow, reporting, and data exchange. Many of these solutions are valid, accurate (under the right conditions and within certain boundaries) and efficient, but their usefulness is mostly confined to specific programs types – they collect what they collect, they calculate what they calculate, and they report what they report. And, because of the technical limitations of the usual approaches to modeling, most solutions also see accuracy and assessment efficiency as zero-sum. Some claim to be both very accurate and very quick, but the empirical evidence available shows that most tools still offer extremely limited precision, and accuracy is especially poor with homes that are drafty and poorly insulated – precisely where we need good improvement analysis to help us make retrofit decisions!

We care deeply about making our built environment more energy efficient. We realized a few years ago that contractors and building energy professionals were spending way too much time collecting data and still getting left in the dark with poor and inconsistent modeling results. So we decided to take a whole new approach to energy assessment, one that completely leverages available information, minimizes the impact of unknowns and guesses, and provides real-time feedback to the user from the best physics-based models. The result is remarkable. We are able to streamline the assessment process, save our users significant time and money, help people become better auditors, and help home and building owners save A LOT of energy!

OptiMiser is currently being used for thousands of audits per week in programs and by independent contractors in multiple states. Its modularity and the fact that it’s built on a proprietary rapid development platform allows us to customize data collection, reporting, data exchange, and the user experience for a fraction of typical development cost.

With OptiMiser’s accuracy, speed, and versatility, and our commitment to efficiency, I believe OptiMiser could be a perfect fit for any energy efficiency program!

Andy Bardwell, Ph. D.
CEO OptiMiser, LLC

These are some of the organizations making energy efficiency more efficient with OptiMiser Inside:

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