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     Les Lazareck 

    How can I include the report created at Improvements/Packages or 3 versions of the report designed in Improvements/Custom in the report generator?

    If not possible, how can I print the Improvement/Custom report with selected columns?

     Ryan Moore 

    Adding the Packages table or any other table in OptiMiser to a custom report is fast and easy. Check out this video:

    Creating 3 versions in one report would be harder. We could work with you on developing a custom module with tables that represent exactly the information you want. OptiMiser can incorporate user spreadsheets, so custom development is very fast.

     LV Auditor 

    I would like to add the SIR table as a custom table in reports.  What is the name of this table so I can access it?

     Ryan Moore 


    In the report, it shows selected improvements and totals. Do you want unselected improvement rows, too?

     LV Auditor 

    Both ways.  Sometimes it is useful to show that certain improvements were not selected because they’re not cost effective.  Other times the added rows are a distraction.

     LV Auditor 

    It would be nice to be able to access this in Excel, and insert more specific language for each client.

     Ryan Moore 

    Here’s the beginning of a custom module that will give you a lot of flexibility.

    What I’ve done is created a table that references values in OptiMiser via our “Transfer sheet.” The Transfer sheet is an Excel workbook that exists for this purpose. All control and table values are updated in real-time in the Transfer sheet while OptiMiser is running.

    This sample mixes values from the “Custom table,” which allows you to edit descriptions and headers, and the “Package table,” which allows you to show package SIR for multiple packages. So, it’s a little cumbersome.

    You can reformat this workbook any way you want. Add cell formatting, colors, spacing, etc. Hide or group columns and rows as you like (I’ve already hidden and grouped many). I’ve used Conditional Formatting to highlight rows that are selected (acts on the “Chk” column), but you can turn that off or do something different.

    To use a custom module like this, place it in the Modules directory of you OptiMiser installation (e.g. C:\Programs (x86)\OptiMiser\Modules). Then, start OptiMiser.

    Load a file or select some improvements so you have some values to work with, then go to Tools>View User Modules. You should see this big table with values coming in live from OptiMiser. You can hit “Save,” which will save the current values in the workbook, or you can choose “Save As Copy” to save the workbook in a different place or with a different name. That way, you can save a copy with values from a particular project or moment.

    If this helps you, please consider posting what you end up with so others can benefit. We might also consider rolling it into a report, once it’s fleshed out a little.

     Ryan Moore 

    UPDATE 2/14/2017: This is very late, but in case anyone is still wondering we do have multiple packages in the report “out of the box” now.

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