OptiMiser is the next generation of professional energy audit software, combining industry-leading accuracy with streamlined workflow and compelling reports.

Pre-Energy Audit Diagnostic

The Pre-Audit Energy Diagnostic feature includes an expert system that pinpoints building components that use an unusual amount of energy. Read more.

Myths About Energy Modeling Software

Contractors are finding a business case for using energy modeling software - even where utility and state incentive programs don't mandate it. Read more.

Audit Wizard

The Audit Wizard guides the user through the audit step by step, presenting the most important inputs along with instructional text and tips. Read more.

PDF Reports, Previews, Easy Editing

The new report generator offers instant page previews and direct access to report templates to make editing reports easier. Read more. 

OptiMAGIC Utility Bill Analysis

The OptiMiser audit tool streamlines the audit process and delivers accurate results through careful and thorough use of utility bill analysis. Read more.

OptiMiser Versatile Modules for PV Database Integration, and More

Add these new tools to your OptiMiser: Light Commercial Audits, Photovoltaic (PV) Analysis, Solar Thermal Analysis, Database Integrator, Manual J and Manual D. Read more.

OptiMiser Lead Generation and Intake System

File delivery happens seamlessly and securely, automatically delivering files from OptiMiser’s servers to your auditors.  No need to go to a website, download, and save files. The auditor opens the file, and immediately has an audit with homeowner data, utility bills, and Intake Survey data pre- processed by OptiMiser’s Expert System to produce a starting point that is more advanced than the final result of many audits! Read more.

OptiMiser DIY Audit

The Do-It-Yourself Energy Assessment uses a customized version of the automated utility analysis pioneered by OptiMiser, benchmarking the savings estimates against actual energy usage. Read more.

OptiMiser Customization

OptiMiser’s full-featured interface can be custoized to meet your needs. You can select from OptiMiser’s 1,000s of detailed inputs, to create the audit tool you need. Read more.

OptiMiser Business Intelligence

Reduce peak load and target DSM with OptiMiser's Business Intelligence. OptiMiser’s expert system was developed to extract maximum information from available utility data and simple building specifications. Read more.

OptiMiser Toolkit Brochure

OptiMiser energy audit software and data management tools are used by utilities, third party implementers, and small businesses across the country, improving results and profitability by reducing audit time, increasing accuracy, and enabling seamless connections to CRM and database systems. Read more.

OptiMiser Auditor/Contractor Overview

For energy efficiency professionals, success means winning-over customers with consistently accurate information delivered in a compelling format. OptiMiser is the only audit tool with automated utility bill calibration - giving you the power of 100% accurate energy models in minutes. Read more.

OptiMiser Utility/Program Overview

OptiMiser has been used in over 340,000 audits in programs large and small all over the country since 2010. Our analytic approach pairs industry standard HERS BESTEST-compliant modeling with innovations in workflow, automation, and calibration. The result is a stable, scalable platform you can trust. Read more.

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