Older Videos

The following links will take you to the OptiMiser Vimeo Channel where all OptiMiser videos can be viewed.

Category Tutorial Type Length
Introduction and Overview Live Intro Demo (Arizona version) Demo 1 hour 45 mins
Introduction to the Audit Wizard Demo 4 mins
Introduction to OptiMiser Demo 7 mins
Live Intro Demo Live 1 hour
Installation and Setup How-To: Update program and weather Animated 2 mins
Using OptiMiser Quick Custom Reports Demo 9 mins
Quick Custom Proposals Demo 5 mins
How-To: Add Photos and Deselect Pages in the Graphical Report Demo 5 mins
Utilities and Model Data Animated 2 mins
Editable Lists Animated 2 mins
How-To: Change the thermal boundary in an attic Animated 4 mins
Attic Radiant Barriers Animated 1 min
Infiltration Information Animated 2 mins
Detailed Electrical Analysis Animated 2 mins
Utility Bill Analysis and Calibration Demo 14 mins
Bid Sheet Animated 2 mins
Easy Photo Editing Animated 3 mins
OptiMiser Multi-Family Capability Animated 1 min
How-To: Work Flow Feature Animated 3 mins
View and Edit Improvement Costs as well as Rebates & Incentives in OptiMiser Demo 9 mins


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