Reinstall OptiMiser

This is only applicable if you have previously installed OptiMiser.

If you have have used OptiMiser before, you may want to keep configurations you have made. The configurations in OptiMiser are stored in several files that you will need to copy and move to the computer you are installing OptiMiser on. The common configuration files are:

  • Measures and costs: C:\Program Files (x86)\OptiMiser\Databases\Cost.db3
  • Defaults values: C:\Program Files (x86)\OptiMiser\Customization\UI\DefaultValues.xl
  • Report template configurations: C:\Program Files (x86)\OptiMiser\Customization\UI\Custom[Report-OMPDF]UIReport.xl (if you’ve never adjusted the report template, you won’t have one of these.)
  • Report page selections: C:\Program Files (x86)\OptiMiser\Customization\Reports[OMPDF] MySelections.omr (in this example, “MySelections” could be anything – whatever you named your default page selection. If you never made a custom page selection, you won’t have one of these files.)

Gather up these files and save them on some removable media or email them to yourself. Then take these files and put them in the same locations in your new OptiMiser installation.

To reinstall OptiMiser, follow these instructions:

  • Exit from OptiMiser;
  • Click this link to download the OptiMiser installer, and then run it;
  • If prompted, enter your License Number;
  • Make sure the installation is up-to-date:
    • Select "Check for Updates..." form the "Tools" menu;
    • Select "Download New Weather Data" from the "Tools" menu.


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