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     Scott Knapp 

    Can I take the default values file that I have saved and copy it somehow to my tablet or laptop? I have a pellet stove file already saved with the values needed so I don’t have input them all of the time.
    How do I create another defualt value. The first one I had one of you folks help me, so my memory of it is not good?

     Larry Hausman-Cohen 

    Yes you can!

    Simply copy over the DefaultValues.xl file from your Customization/UI directory on your desktop to the Customization/UI directory on your laptop/tablet.

    For more fun, you can rename the file on your laptop/tablet to something like DefaultValues-xxxx.xl. If you do so (and there are more than one DefaultValues file in the Customization/UI directory), upon program startup, you will be presented with a choice of which DefaultValues file you wish to load

     Scott Knapp 

    I moved a default value file from my main computer to my laptop that I do the audits with only to find out that the default value one on the laptop never saved the values. How do I save default values so they stay as default values. I don’t us that particular one that much but have a few coming up that i will need it for..

     Gamaliel Lodge 

    It sounds like maybe your first post was actually referring to a template project file that you created and not the DefaultValues.xl file. The DefaultValues.xl file stores defaults that you save using the right click menu on individual controls or through the Save Tab Values as Defaults menu item. These defaults are automatically loaded when you start OptiMiser. If what you actually did was save a template project file and you are opening it when you want to use it, then you will have to locate and move that project file to your other computer.

     Scott Knapp 

    Here is what happened. I called to see if I can save a file model as a template for future use. For example track housing where they are all built the same. I saved the file and when Optimizer loads it asks me whether I want to use the default or the second template which is for doing pellet stoves. I had saved that template with the model of the stove etc. It never saved the pellet stove or any other settings. So it is the default template or value saved with a different name. I have sent in a couple of other issues with saving the Utility name which supposed to be there the next time I use the program and they have never saved, so i gave up and type them in every time. Basically when the program is closed the values aren’t saved.

     Ryan Moore 

    Hi Scott, thanks for sticking with this. I think what may be happening is the “template” file you’re loading is overwriting the default values you saved. When you start OptiMiser it loads the default values. When you open a project file, the values that were saved in every control in that project overwrite the defaults. We recommend you don’t use template project files, for this reason and because they “lock down” other controls that you’ve touched, possibly preventing OptiMiser from making good automated changes as you move through the audit. The default values are the way to go. As you know, you can right-click on almost any control and save the value as a default. The exception to this are the measure controls (like heat system or insulation type) — you use the Add/Edit Items dialogues to change those defaults.

    You can save multiple default value sets. You do this by copying the file C:/Program Files (x86)/OptiMiser/Customization/UI/DefaultValues.xl and pasting the copy in the same directory. Give the copy a different name like “DefaultValuesPelletStove.xl.” It has to start with “DefaultValues.” Then when you start OptiMiser it will ask you which set you want to load. You can’t switch back and forth once OptiMiser is loaded, but you can have as many as you want and choose among them each time you start OptiMiser.

    I just tested saving the utility name as a default on the current general release version of OptiMiser and it seems to be working. If you continue to run into problems with a specific control, please submit a bug report and we’ll look at it right away.

    One other thing to note is that, as the message that pops up when you save a default for the first time says, you have to restart OptiMiser for the changes to go into affect. So, if you save a default then do a File/New command to start a new project, you won’t see the new defaults. If you restart OptiMiser, you should see the new defaults from then on with every new file.


     Scott Knapp 

    I did get the utilities to save, so I am good there. The other defaults that I want to save as heating systems don’t seem to work. Not that big of a deal at this time.

    Can we change the dates in the utilities to be entered? I know that when we enter the bills we can change the dates at that time, but it is defaulted to start in 2013, not practical when it is 2015. I tried saving as a default June 2014 but when I closed and started up again, it is still 2013.

     Gamaliel Lodge 

    The utility dates are currently set to default to the last full calendar year (i.e. Jan-Dec). I think that it might make sense to change that to the most recently available 12 months. It does seem that most users are entering data that way. I’ll look into it. Thanks!

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