Optimize Your Energy Efficiency Retrofit Business

Amazing accuracy, stunning presentation


For energy efficiency professionals, success means winning over customers with consistently accurate information
delivered in a compelling format. OptiMiser helps your business succeed by producing comprehensive audit reports and proposals in less time while never sacrificing accuracy. OptiMiser is the only audit tool with automated utility bill calibration – giving you the power of 100% accurate energy models in minutes. With analytic tools like the Pre-Audit Diagnostic report that targets potential improvement areas before you set foot inside the home, homeowner safety tools such as our combustion appliance testing wizard and an array of stunning, customizable reports, OptiMiser helps you satisfy customers from start to finish.

Save your customers energy while you increase margins

OptiMiser offers exceptional ease of use, including radical simplification of the audit process and a high level of customizability. It starts with age- and region-specific defaults and a comprehensive, automated utility bill analysis. Then OptiMiser guides you with Continuous Savings Estimation so you can see the results of improvements in real time graphical analysis for ongoing discovery and increasingly efficient audits.


PC performance + web connectivity


When the audit is complete, instantly connect to your central database to transfer all project data with the click of a mouse. OptiMiser is integrated with major CRM and database systems such as Salesforce. Team members or partners can systematically pre-fill OptiMiser project files, queue them for delivery to auditors or contractors in the field, and retrieve project files and custom data streams. OptiMiser is automatically updated with new features and current weather.



Let OptiMiser power your brand and highlight your company's strength


Add your logo to our factory reports or build your own from scratch – OptiMiser makes just about any level of customization possible. OptiMiser is built on a proprietary Rapid Application Development platform, making it more efficient to customize and enhance. Slim down the interface, add multiple cost templates, or incorporate forms and coupons. OptiMiser can even load your existing spreadsheet-based calculators and worksheets, providing a fluid workflow under even the most complex programs.

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