OptiMiser Nexus

Generate Leads

Our powerful DIY audit, branded for your business, provides meaningful results that motivate customers to work with you over your competitors. Studies show that when customers feel gratitude for free services - like real results from a free DIY audit - they are more likely to show loyalty to your company.

Schedule & Manage Jobs

Your web leads come directly to the Nexus CRM and project management system, where you can see your team's calendar and schedule appointments.

Generate Accurate and Compelling Audit Reports

Any information already gathered on the customer, including from their DIY audit, is preloaded into the OptiMiser audit tool for your field crew. OptiMiser is the state of the art in audit software - get instant feedback and intelligent bill calibration to make your work faster and more consistent.

Bundled pricing as low as $125/month plus $500 one-time setup fee, depending on number of users, jobs, and configuration options.

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