The OptiMiser audit tool streamlines the audit process and delivers accurate results through careful and thorough use of utility bill analysis. OptiMiser uses PRISM regression analysis and follows the BPI-2400 Standard to ensure that bills are of sufficient quality and quantity to provide accurate information about the home.

  • Current weather for 1,000+ locations: current weather data for 1,000+ locations is automatically updated every month, and the most appropriate weather matched to utility bills
  • Estimated bills handling:  estimated bills can be flagged, and automatically handled properly
  • Vacation bills handling: vacation or unusual bills can be marked and removed from the utility bill analysis
  • Auto-outlier bill identification:  automatic flagging of unusual bills prevents them from distorting utility bill analysis
  • Auto-bill date correction: when only the month of utility bills are entered, the most likely bill date can be automatically identified and used to improve utility analysis
  • Automated calibration to utility bills: model is adjusted so the model agrees with utility bills, automatically correcting or identifying errors in model specification
  • Support for delivered fuels: support for delivered fuels for any delivery period, with model calibration to delivered fuel usage
  • Support for multiple heating fuels: support for up to 7 common delivered fuels in any combination
  • Wood and pellet heating: support for wood and pellet heating with or without other heating sources
  • Scrape tool for utility bill data: spreadsheet-like tables for fuel and electric bill importing; paste or type data in any arrangement, and import in one step
  • BPI-2400 compliance: integration of new BPI standards for utility bill calibration of models and savings

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