OptiMiser has features to integrate with and streamline your critical business operations. More than an analysis engine, OptiMiser is a platform to improve the speed and consistency of your home performance business.

  • Customizable report generation
    • Bid system: detailed and expandable estimating system works inside or outside OptiMiser as a spreadsheet
    • Clean, customizable proposals: automatic generation of proposal fully customizable by user
    • Prefilled forms: generation of any form without double entry
    • Signature capture: capture signatures directly to pdf forms - eliminates need to scan
    • Complex graphs: wide variety of graphs and tables, or quickly add your own
    • Custom layouts: create custom reports from over 50 customizable pages
    • Replicate any report: inexpensive custom report generators can recreate your report
  • Estimates and proposals
    • User-editable measures library: library of improvements easily modified, adding improvements, picking defaults, limiting available improvements, and setting costs
    • 2,000+ item NREL measures and cost database: improvement library includes built-in database of over 2,000 measures with high, average and low national costs, and costs adjustments by location
    • Detailed estimate spreadsheet: detailed and expandable estimating system works inside or outside OptiMiser as a spreadsheet
    • Fully editable proposal form: automatic generation of proposal fully customizable by user
    • Apportion non-improvement costs: taxes, discounts, margins, audit and other costs that are not associated with a specific improvement can be distributed over improvements in a package
    • Labor and materials costs: labor and material costs are available for the 2,000+ NREL improvements, and costs are generated by unit extensions of labor and material costs
    • Taxability set for each cost: tax status for every improvement, and labor and material costs for each improvement, can be set separately
    • Add multiple tax rates: preset and use multiple tax rates
    • Add multiple discounts, margins: preset and use multiple discounts and margins
  • Flexible QA/QC system
    • Multi-stage projects: support any number of project phases, including  audit, test-in, job-progress testing, test-out, M&V analysis, and second phase projects
    • Incorporate strict workflows and validation: user-configurable QA/QC process and validation
    • Customized interface for reviews:  user-configurable review interface optimizes review process by gathering every input that must be reviewed in a compact view
    • Build in custom rebate and incentive calculation and automatically generate your rebate forms: include simple or complex incentive calculations and eligibility criteria
    • Generate prefilled authorization  or safety deferral forms and collect signatures on the tablet
  • IDSM features
    • TOU and variable rate plans: generate usage and savings estimates for a variety of rate plans, and compare savings potentials under various plans. Support for up to six different unique rate periods. Each period supports up to six energy rate tiers and one demand rate. Each period can be assigned a time of use by month, hour and weekday/weekend designation.
    • PV and Solar Thermal: detailed PV generation analysis, including panel and inverter databases
    • Solar Thermal: detailed solar thermal water and space heating analysis, including panel database
    • Multiple demand response measures: modeling for reduced usage of dishwashers, clothes washers, dryer, stove/oven, pool pumps, hot water, set back thermostats and ceiling and whole house fans
    • Full pallet of efficiency measures: all common energy improvement measures supported

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