Support for a wide range of building components and improvements means OptiMiser can provide better savings estimates and guidance on package selection where other audit tools fail.

  • Window overhangs
  • Window interior/exterior shading
  • Mass walls: thermal benefits of masonry, block, log and straw bale walls included per IECC
  • Detailed parallel path calculators
  • Reflective barriers
  • BASESIMP ground coupling: improved ground coupling analysis
  • Detailed ASHRAE 152 duct analysis plus simplified interface
  • Dishwasher and clothes washer EnergyStar model database: complete list of EnergyStar dishwasher and clothes washers to enter model, EF and MEF with one click
  • Detailed pool pump analysis (with optimization routine for variable speed pumps): three levels of pool pump analysis, from one click, simple selection, to detailed pump specification analysis
  • Miscellaneous electrical loads: detailed electrical loads and savings analysis for over 120 appliances and equipment types
  • Combustion safety analysis: detailed CAZ and combustion safety analysis following BPI standards
  • Ventilation standards: detailed ventilation analysis and requirement for BAS
  • Customizable interface: easily modified interface optimizes usability, minimizes complexity and incorporates custom inputs and reports
  • Heating  and cooling design loads: detailed design load calculations
  • PV modeling with panel and inverter databases: detailed modeling of PV generation


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