For energy efficiency professionals, success means winning over customers with consistently accurate information delivered in a compelling format. OptiMiser helps your business succeed by producing comprehensive audit reports and proposals in less time while never sacrificing accuracy.

  • Utility calibration via expert system: expert system uses data collected during audit and  analysis of utility bills to adjust model based on expert knowledge and utility calibration
  • Simplified audits via Wizard:  Wizard guides auditor through simplified inputs focusing on all important building characteristics
  • Optimal package selection: one-button generation of 4-10 packages that automatically rank and optimize payback
  • Multiple package savings: compare up to 10 packages to maximize savings and cost effectiveness
  • Multiple defaults for any control: set multiple defaults for any input, and select multiple improvement selections and costs
  • Form-filling: automated filling of custom forms from standard or added inputs
  • Signature capture: ability to capture customer or auditor signatures on-site directly on pdf forms on tablet
  • Touch-optimized: interface resizes automatically to optimize tablet interface, including special inputs designed to improve the Windows touch experience

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