OptiMiser has been used in over 340,000 audits in programs large and small all over the country since 2010. Our analytic approach pairs industry standard HERS BESTEST-compliant modeling with innovations in workflow, automation and calibration. The result is a stable, scalable platform you can trust.

  • BESTEST compliant physics model: passes BESTEST modeling standards, providing simultaneous hourly modeling of current and all alternative packages
  • Best model given inputs: all models settings are updated with every input, ensuring maximum use of each input, and the most accurate model possible for available information
  • Region-age defaults:  models start with defaults for the building’s region and age, avoiding clearly inappropriate assumptions (e.g., basements in FL), and improving initial accuracy
  • Cascading inputs: each input is used to modify related controls to minimize data entry; for example, area modifies length, width, volume, window area, foundation dimensions, etc.

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