The OptiMiser interface offers a streamlined workflow with realtime feedback from 40 continuously-updated hourly models. This unmatched power provides exceptional accuracy and turns OptiMiser into a discovery tool for auditors – allowing instant visualization of the impact of additional improvements, including all package interactions. Dynamic charts graphically demonstrate how building specifications impact energy loads – component by component.

Inside the Wizard

AuditWizardGraphic3By focusing on the most important input, the Wizard interface streamlines data entry. The Wizard interface offers realistic input options, such as requesting the general level of insulation in a wall rather than the R-value to one or more decimal places (though auditors can enter that level of detail if desired). The Wizard speeds up audits and reduces confusion caused by seeing all detailed inputs, selecting out only those which have the most impact on the model.

The Wizard gives the option to specify ranges rather than exact quantities for key inputs that may not be measured exactly during the audit, and the Wizard adjusts settings within these ranges to build the optimal model. All calibration input is gathered naturally as you progress through the audit.

The Audit Wizard employs a fully automated utility calibration system, which combines all inputs and utility data with auditing and engineering expertise to build the best model that is true to all available information. The Wizard eliminates the need to go back over the model and "true up" the inputs to match utility usage in most cases.

When utility bills are available for calibration at the conclusion of the audit, OptiMiser performs a calibration routine that simultaneously increments all available inputs along a specified or default range of values until calibration is achieved or the limits are exhausted.

One click to add additional detail

Even within the Audit Wizard, users can access the flexibility and control of OptiMiser’s standard interface. Detailed tabs for all audit areas are always available from within the Wizard. With one click, a user can switch to the detailed control set. Only the current building component is affected and the user can switch back to the Wizard at any time.

Below: A screenshot from a detailed OptiMiser data entry screen. Users can switch back and forth between detailed and the Wizard interface


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