Integrated incentive handling helps cross all the t's and dot all the i's. OptiMiser has extensive experience incorporating incentives and can collect and exchange test-out, QA, and incentive data in a variety of methods and formats. Every instance of OptiMiser has the capability to handle multiple incentives.

Incentive calculations

OptiMiser allows the user to enter and save for reuse up to five incentives for each improvement. Incentive calculations can be applied to individual measures or entire improvement packages. Incentives can be defined as fixed amounts, percentages, based on measure cost, or as more complex formulas.

For complex incentive programs, users can add to OptiMiser a tab that will validate improvements against incentive requirements, automatically verifying compliance or providing messages to the user to allow them to adjust to reach compliance.  The incentive tab can calculate applicable incentives and generate filled incentive forms.

Automated form generation, signature collection, and QA

We have built systems to programmatically parse and match incentives with selected measures. OptiMiser has QA systems that can be structured to provide multiple levels of feedback to the user and generate filled incentive forms based on building characteristics, savings estimates, test-out data, or any other information entered. OptiMiser can also collect signatures and apply them to your forms with touch or stylus input.


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