OptiMiser professional energy analysis software is in California!

The addition of OptiMiser to the California programs promises to make it easier for contractors to sell jobs and perform energy efficiency work. OptiMiser is the most advanced residential energy assessment tool, with users in and out of utility programs across the country. Built from the ground up to give contractors the best information with minimal effort, OptiMiser's California edition is designed to jump through as many of the regulatory hoops as possible for contractors, while also offering full support for complex home performance measures, intelligent auto-calibration to utility bills, real-time modeling in an offline touchsreen-optimized interface, customizable homeowner-friendly reports, and integration with your business systems like SalesForce.

Free Webinar for Interested Contractors: OptiMiser is offering a free webinar to allow contractors to see our energy modeling software tools in action. OptiMiser's Ryan Moore will be presenting on multiple dates. For more information, or to register, visit https://optimiserenergy.com/events. This event is free for CA contractors.

Bookmark the OptiMiser forum for California contractors: https://optimiserenergy.com/forums/forum/california

OptiMiser has been at the forefront of the developments in the CalTEST implementation, partnering with the program for model verification and HPXML (data standards) implementation

Custom features for Cali auditors and contractors include:

  • EUC incentive calculations that automatically figure into SIR, MIRR, and payback analysis presented in homeowner reports.
  • Approved HVAC system sizing calculations.
  • Support for multiple HVAC systems and detailed duct efficiency analysis
  • Detailed window analysis, including solar screens, for temperate and cooling-dominated climates.
  • Detailed pool pump analysis built specifically for the CA market.
  • Detailed modeling of Photovoltaic systems
  • Support CZ2010 weather stations and CEC mandated demand kW calculations.

Use OptiMiser’s Fast and Accurate Audits to Connect with Your Customers

OptiMiser provides the accurate results your customers need while reducing time-consuming data entry.

OptiMiser offers exceptional ease of use, including radical simplification of the audit process. The moment you start, OptiMiser constructs a full building model. Current energy use profiles and improvement analyses are always maintained in the most realistic state possible by extracting the most information out of every observation you make.

OptiMiser can provide accurate modeling results with only basic building information using age- and region-specific defaults and, when utility bills are available, an industry-leading automated utility data calibration system. Entering building characteristics and other information is streamlined and intuitive for even the newest OptiMiser users. All the most important controls professional auditors need are available without having to search through menus.

automated calibrationOptiMiser’s unparalleled efficiency means that results can be available to the auditor and homeowner immediately. This translates to more active time with your customers to discuss results and provide the direct interaction that will make your audits most effective. Plus, with our customizable report generator, you can produce your report exactly the way you want it, on site!

brandingProvide your customers with the complete picture

The OptiMiser Audit Wizard interface completely leverages the information you enter and reduces guesswork to make audits faster and more accurate. The fully-automated utility calibration system eliminates the need to go back over the model and "true up" inputs to match utility usage.

OptiMiser models homes with unparalleled accuracy so that you can give your customers complete information. When utility bills are available, OptiMiser uses bill data and multiple weather databases to accurately model year-round energy use in any climate. OptiMiser’s utility bill analysis adds accuracy and speed by automatically assessing bill quality and making optimal use of the available information. OptiMiser can automatically detect periods of unusual usage or usage that doesn’t match reported building specifications. It can handle multiple fuels and delivered fuels. If exact bill dates aren’t available, OptiMiser can find best fit dates, drastically increasing the percentage of bills that can be used and reducing wasted data entry time.

OptiMiser Generates HPXML and is Being Used For 1,000s of Audits Every Week

OptiMiser is a leader in the development of the HPXML standard -- contractors are using OptiMiser to submit projects everyday! They're finding OptiMiser can speed up their workflow and reduce turnaround time on project approval and rebate payments. Stay tuned here and check with your utility program implementer to find out when you can start using HPXML-compliant software in your region.

Try OptiMiser for free for 30 days. Sign up at omaudits.com. For more information, check out the videos, forums, and articles at optimiserenergy.com, or contact us at info@optimiserenergy.com.

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