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    Attached is a very brief intro to the ePortal system. Once it’s enabled for your program, you just need to do two things:

    1. Check for updates in your OptiMiser software.
    2. Edit user names: sign into and go to Using the “Edit Auditor Name” links next to your license numbers, add names for each license so the users are easily distinguishable.

    After you get the software update, when you restart OptiMiser you will see some new options under the File menu: send, receive, manage. They all open up the same dialogue, just on different tabs.

    To start, try saving a new file. Files should now automatically be saved in a special directory called SendReceiveProjects. When you access the Send screen, you should see the project you just saved.

    Try clicking on the filename in the Send screen, set the action to “Submit”, click OK, and then OK again. That file gets archived to the ePortal. You can switch over to the Manage screen to see it with a new status (archived).

    A project only lives one place at a time, so if you forward it to another user or archive it, it gets swept from your machine.

    Other things you can do are forward files to other users, and advance them through a workflow.

    By default there are two phases to the workflow: audit and retrofit. Audit is supposed to be the initial assessment and proposed workscope. Retrofit is a test-out file. You don’t have to use the workflow; you can just forward files around until you are done and then archive them. If you do want to use the workflow and want to adjust it, OptiMiser can help you do that.

    All the related files that have the same name as the project get scooped up and kept together. By default OptiMiser will suggest you save homeowner reports using the same name as the project (for example, if you name a project “Smith Bourbon St.opt” the Report Generator will try to create “Smith Bourbon St.pdf.”

    I and other OptiMiser folks are happy to help. Please note we have live webinars every week. You can sign up at (this website has a different login system than so don’t try to use your omaudits username/password).

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