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    The NYSERDA contractor portal (and other systems that use HPXML) have to have special codes to be able to interpret items in your workscope that are outside the typical energy savings measures. Things like insulation and air sealing get conveyed in the HPXML automatically – you just specify them in OptiMiser and the portal can read them in the HPXML file that gets produced. Health and safety measures, construction of stairs, tank removals….these things don’t have a defined way of being conveyed in HPXML so we need to add a special code.

    For the NYSERDA version of OptiMiser, many of the measure codes have been included in the health and safety section. If you go to the health and safety screen in OptiMiser and add an improvement, you should see measures that are labeled “(NYSERDA).” When you select one of these items, for example CO monitors, the measure code is included in the HPXML.

    If you need to add items and you can’t find a built-in measure in OptiMiser, you can add them as an Added Item in the OptiMiser Custom Table.

    To add them to the Custom table:

    • Go to Improvements>Custom
    • On the Columns selector above the table, click “All” to expose the Measure Code column.
    • Scroll down to the Additional Items section of the table.
    • Add the items, their measure codes, descriptions, and costs.
    • Click “Save” above the table to save these items as defaults on the table.
    • Check the boxes to include these items in your package.

    The list of NYSERDA measure codes is attached.

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