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    Ryan Moore

    I’ve noticed that the charts generated in the report give energy consumption measured in MBTUs. Is it possible to toggle this to kWh? Or would it be possible with a future update to the software? I work with a grant-funded program, and we need to provide regular reports to our funders of the kWh savings achieved by our energy efficiency projects, and I was hoping for a shortcut to having to convert all of the units.


    Ryan Moore

    You can see electric savings in kWh and fuel savings in Therms. In the interface, you can use Improvement>Details and switch the Units control to “Therms & kWh,” or go to Improvements>Custom and check the box to show Savings columns. You can use Ctrl+P on either screen to print the tables.

    In the report, the “Simple Improvement Table” page reports in Therms and kWh, but does not include costs.

    Do you need to convert fuel savings to kWh, too? In that case, hit the “Present” button, then “Loads Table,” then look at the Consumption tables. Scan down until you see “Total kWh”. You can find the total savings reported in kWh there. You can print that table using the buttons at the bottom of the popup.

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