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    If you’re using OptiMiser in a program where jobs are submitted to a utility or implementer, for rebate processing or other tracking, OptiMiser may be set up so that the ePortal only allows you to (1) receive new projects and (2) submit completed projects.

    What do you do if you submit a job and then realize you forgot to add some important information?

    First, check to make sure you don’t have the permission to pull the job back. Go to File>Manage. If you get the message “this license does not have permission to manage files” or you don’t see your project listed, you probably don’t have the required permission.

    Next, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\OptiMiser\SendReceiveArchive. Look in this folder and find the job you want to re-work. If it’s not there, contact OptiMiser support ( Copy the project and all related docs (everything with the same file name, like ‘smith st.opt,’ ‘smith st.pdf,’ ‘smith st.xml,’ etc.). Paste them into the folder C:\Program Files (x86)\OptiMiser\SendReceiveProjects.

    Now go back into OptiMiser and choose File>Open, and open the project. Make your changes and save the project.

    Submit an error report using the error submission button in the OpitMiser icon bar. In the description, write, “Please release this project for re-work.” You can follow-up with an email or call to OptiMiser support, if it’s urgent.

    Once OptiMiser contacts you to let you know the project is released, you can go to File>Send in OptiMiser and submit the project. If you try to submit it before it’s released it won’t let you.

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