Accuracy and Consistency Without Headaches

  • BESTEST compliant physics model: passes BESTEST modeling standards, providing simultaneous hourly modeling of current and all alternative packages
  • Best model given inputs: all models settings are updated with every input, ensuring maximum use of each input, and the most accurate model possible for available information
  • Region-age defaults:  models start with defaults for the building’s region and age, avoiding clearly inappropriate assumptions (e.g., basements in FL), and improving initial accuracy
  • Cascading inputs: each input is used to modify related controls to minimize data entry; for example, area modifies length, width, volume, window area, foundation dimensions, etc.

Powerful Utility Analysis

  • Current weather for 1,000+ locations: current weather data for 1,000+ locations is automatically updated every month, and the most appropriate weather matched to utility bills
  • Estimated bills handling:  estimated bills can be flagged, and automatically handled properly
  • Vacation bills handling: vacation or unusual bills can be marked and removed from the utility bill analysis
  • Auto-outlier bill identification:  automatic flagging of unusual bills prevents them from distorting utility bill analysis
  • Auto-bill date correction: when only the month of utility bills are entered, the most likely bill date can be automatically identified and used to improve utility analysis
  • Automated calibration to utility bills: model is adjusted so the model agrees with utility bills, automatically correcting or identifying errors in model specification
  • Support for delivered fuels: support for delivered fuels for any delivery period, with model calibration to delivered fuel usage
  • Support for multiple heating fuels: support for up to 7 common delivered fuels in any combination
  • Wood and pellet heating: support for wood and pellet heating with or without other heating sources
  • Scrape tool for utility bill data: spreadsheet-like tables for fuel and electric bill importing; paste or type data in any arrangement, and import in one step
  • BPI-2400 compliance: integration of new BPI standards for utility bill calibration of models and savings

Operational Efficiency

  • Utility calibration via expert system: expert system uses data collected during audit and  analysis of utility bills to adjust model based on expert knowledge and utility calibration
  • Simplified audits via Wizard:  Wizard guides auditor through simplified inputs focusing on all important building characteristics
  • Optimal package selection: one-button generation of 4-10 packages that automatically rank and optimize payback
  • Multiple package savings: compare up to 10 packages to maximize savings and cost effectiveness
  • Multiple defaults for any control: set multiple defaults for any input, and select multiple improvement selections and costs
  • Form-filling: automated filling of custom forms from standard or added inputs
  • Signature capture: ability to capture customer or auditor signatures on-site directly on pdf forms on tablet
  • Touch-optimized: interface resizes automatically to optimize tablet interface, including special inputs designed to improve the Windows touch experience

Complete Modeling and Reporting in the Field – No Internet Required

Advanced Modeling Features

  • Window overhangs
  • Window interior/exterior shading
  • Mass walls: thermal benefits of masonry, block, log and straw bale walls included per IECC
  • Detailed parallel path calculators
  • Reflective barriers
  • BASESIMP ground coupling: improved ground coupling analysis
  • Detailed ASHRAE 152 duct analysis plus simplified interface
  • Dishwasher and clothes washer EnergyStar model database: complete list of EnergyStar dishwasher and clothes washers to enter model, EF and MEF with one click
  • Detailed pool pump analysis (with optimization routine for variable speed pumps): three levels of pool pump analysis, from one click, simple selection, to detailed pump specification analysis
  • Miscellaneous electrical loads: detailed electrical loads and savings analysis for over 120 appliances and equipment types
  • Combustion safety analysis: detailed CAZ and combustion safety analysis following BPI standards
  • Ventilation standards: detailed ventilation analysis and requirement for BAS
  • Customizable interface: easily modified interface optimizes usability, minimizes complexity and incorporates custom inputs and reports
  • Heating  and cooling design loads: detailed design load calculations
  • PV modeling with panel and inverter databases: detailed modeling of PV generation

Detailed Financial Analysis

  • Loan calculations: flexible and simply configured financing analysis
  • Incentive calculations: up to 5 incentives with ability to include incentive computations
  • Periodic O&M costs: include periodic operation and maintenance costs (e.g., inverter replacement) in cash flow analysis
  • SIR with or without incentives
  • Modified internal rate of return (MIRR): use the most respected measure of project profitability to compare improvement packages
  • Multiple rebate and incentive rules: up to 5 incentive calculations, plus easy integration of custom calculations and decision logic

Unmatched Versatility

  • Customizable report generation
    • Bid system: detailed and expandable estimating system works inside or outside OptiMiser as a spreadsheet
    • Clean, customizable proposals: automatic generation of proposal fully customizable by user
    • Prefilled forms: generation of any form without double entry
    • Signature capture: capture signatures directly to pdf forms - eliminates need to scan
    • Complex graphs: wide variety of graphs and tables, or quickly add your own
    • Custom layouts: create custom reports from over 50 customizable pages
    • Replicate any report: inexpensive custom report generators can recreate your report
  • Estimates and proposals
    • User-editable measures library: library of improvements easily modified, adding improvements, picking defaults, limiting available improvements, and setting costs
    • 2,000+ item NREL measures and cost database: improvement library includes built-in database of over 2,000 measures with high, average and low national costs, and costs adjustments by location
    • Detailed estimate spreadsheet: detailed and expandable estimating system works inside or outside OptiMiser as a spreadsheet
    • Fully editable proposal form: automatic generation of proposal fully customizable by user
    • Apportion non-improvement costs: taxes, discounts, margins, audit and other costs that are not associated with a specific improvement can be distributed over improvements in a package
    • Labor and materials costs: labor and material costs are available for the 2,000+ NREL improvements, and costs are generated by unit extensions of labor and material costs
    • Taxability set for each cost: tax status for every improvement, and labor and material costs for each improvement, can be set separately
    • Add multiple tax rates: preset and use multiple tax rates
    • Add multiple discounts, margins: preset and use multiple discounts and margins
  • Flexible QA/QC system
    • Multi-stage projects: support any number of project phases, including  audit, test-in, job-progress testing, test-out, M&V analysis, and second phase projects
    • Incorporate strict workflows and validation: user-configurable QA/QC process and validation
    • Customized interface for reviews:  user-configurable review interface optimizes review process by gathering every input that must be reviewed in a compact view
    • Build in custom rebate and incentive calculation and automatically generate your rebate forms: include simple or complex incentive calculations and eligibility criteria
    • Generate prefilled authorization  or safety deferral forms and collect signatures on the tablet
  • IDSM features
    • TOU and variable rate plans: generate usage and savings estimates for a variety of rate plans, and compare savings potentials under various plans.  Support for up to six different unique rate periods.  Each period supports up to six energy rate tiers and one demand rate.  Each period can be assigned a time of use by month, hour and weekday/weekend designation.
    • PV and Solar Thermal: detailed PV generation analysis, including panel and inverter databases
    • Solar Thermal: detailed solar thermal water and space heating analysis, including panel database
    • Multiple demand response measures: modeling for reduced usage of dishwashers, clothes washers, dryer, stove/oven, pool pumps, hot water, set back thermostats and ceiling and whole house fans
    • Full pallet of efficiency measures: all common energy improvement measures supported

Data Exchange

  • Database integrator imports & exports: easy-to-use Database Integrator allows novice user to send and receive data from your database (variety of online and local databases supported)
  • HPXML generation: industry leading generation of HPXML standard data exchange files
  • Spreadsheet integration: read and write to any spreadsheet, provides rapid and low cost expansion and integration of any new or existing spreadsheet forms or calculations
  • ePortal for usage tracking and file handling
    • ePortal pre-loaded file delivery: deliver files pre-loaded with utility bills and any other information to auditors / contractors in the field, providing secure data handling, and a quantum leap in auditor efficiency
    • ePortal file retrieval: send files back with the click of a button to OptiMiser’s dedicated server bank, ready for retrieval to your central data warehouse, or for storage in the cloud
    • ePortal data extracts: custom extracts from OptiMiser audit files of any fields, transmitted in the format for your database
    • ePortal maintains custom versions: maintenance of custom versions in the field for all clients

Great Support!

  • Free 1 hour support per license: but just so you know, to date we’ve never charged for additional hours!
  • Dedicated staff: you’ll love working with your staff of friendly and knowledgeable codevelopers of our software; we care and you’ll know it
  • One-on-one sessions: we frequently work with auditors and contractors one-on-one to solve their issues and get them the results they need
  • Assistance with tricky models: when you have a tricky model, we see that as an opportunity to improve the accuracy and versatility of our modeling engine, so we’ll work with you to get good results
  • Do whatever is needed: our mission is to make our energy improvement industry scalable by providing software that makes your work more efficient, and we’ll go to any lengths to meet your needs
  • Assist with customization: rapid application development platform means we can make your custom system for less

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